St. Paul Federal Credit Union — Saint Paul Art Crawl Sponsor

St. Paul Federal Credit Union is a proud partner of the St. Paul Art Collective and of the Saint Paul Art Crawl. We’re also very proud to be part of our wonderful city.

St. Paul Federal Credit Union may be a financial institution, but it has much in common with these fine artist organizations. Like them, we are a cooperative, founded for the sole purpose of serving our members. As a cooperative, we’re not–for–profit and we’re led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Also as a cooperative, the more who participate with the credit union, the better the benefits for all of us.

The fine arts have been an important piece to elevated living for thousands of years. Whether art was inspired by, or commissioned by, commercial interests, it’s important a good partnership thrives between artists and local business. There is no better way to strengthen the partnership between the credit union and the arts community than through sponsorship with the Art Crawl.

This partnership can be more than just sponsorship. We look forward to partnering with the artists at the individual level by providing access to money saving tools and advice, and by empowering them in their own lives. The more we can help the artists navigate the world of personal finance, the more time they can spend generating incredible art for all to enjoy.

We’re incredibly impressed with the quality of work from our resident artists, and we’re tremendously proud to be their partner. We encourage all St. Paul residents, artists and nonartists alike, to join St. Paul Federal Credit Union to learn firsthand how the credit union can improve your life.

Thank you,
St. Paul Federal Credit Union

Photo credit St. Paul Federal Credit Union.

Photo credit St. Paul Federal Credit Union.

Photo credit St. Paul Federal Credit Union.

Photo credit St. Paul Federal Credit Union.

St. Paul Federal Credit Union is committed to the betterment of all St. Paul residents. We do this by delivering financial products like car loans, credit cards, and savings accounts that feature rates significantly better than banks. But that’s not the only way we can make our community a better place to live.

How do you participate in the credit union? It’s simple — use us for all your banking needs. We offer every product and service you would expect from a large bank, with higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and lower fees.

Need an example?

How about a checking account that pays up to 4.99% APR Dividends?

Or car loans as low as 1.99% APR?

Or home equity loans up to 100% of your home’s value?

St Paul Federal Credit Union St Paul Federal Credit Union

So if you’re tired of being an account number to some faceless bank, if you’re tired of getting little to no value from your bank, or if you’re simply looking for something better, we invite you to join us today.