Registration for the Art Crawl Catalog January 1 – January 21, 2018

Photo credit Patrick Clancy

Photo credit Patrick Clancy

Highlights for Spring 2018!

After a successful first season, the Art Crawl Guide returns to offer visitors more information on locations and events. The Guide includes images of the Poster and Media Winners, a list of all registered events, a map of locations, and more!

The Art Crawl catalog continues to thrive with larger thumbnail images, a coffee table book layout, and the “District Spotlight Gallery” featuring full-page images of work by artists from eight different districts in St. Paul.

Based on your feedback, we’ve made some changes to streamline the registration process.

In addition, you can increase your visibility in the Art Crawl Catalog! Special pricing is available for individual artists to purchase catalog space.

Contact [email protected] for information and pricing.

Galleries, Businesses, and Nonprofits, this season you have the opportunity to select and pay for your catalog space when completing registration. The sizes and prices shown on the registration form reflect the reduced pricing in these categories.

This season we are re-introducing a beautifully designed information and event guide we’re calling the “Art Crawl Guide”. The guide has images of the Poster and Media Winners, as did the postcard it replaced, but the larger format lets us also include a list of registered events, a map of participating locations, and more!

Registration between January 1-January 21, 2018 includes participants in the Spring 2018 Art Crawl Catalog and Online Directory. Artists can register during Late Registration beginning January 22nd to be listed in the online directory, but not listed in the catalog.

Detailed descriptions of each category are provided on the

  • Artists registering with an image (Registration Package – $70) will be automatically entered into the juried Poster and Media Competition and District Spotlight Gallery Competition. District Spotlight winners will be featured in the District Spotlight Gallery! Learn more about the District Spotlight Gallery.
  • Individual Artist Scholarships are available to all artists in need of financial assistance. Recipients of these Scholarships will receive a Registration Package and all benefits of this registration level including entry into the Poster and Media Competition and District Spotlight Gallery Competition.
  • The ten media winners will be part of a two–page spread in the catalog and also have their image in the NEW Art Crawl Guide!
  • warning icon Be aware, the information you provide is entered directly into the catalog or online directory. This means your information will be used EXACTLY as you entered it! Slow down and take the time to proof and edit your information before you submit. The responsibility lies with YOU!
  • You do have one chance to fix mistakes. However, changes to your catalog information will now only be accepted IN PERSON by a visit to the SPAC Office. Phone calls and emails requesting an edit will no longer be accepted. There is one day you will be able to come to the office to make changes: warning icon Saturday, February 24, 10am-4pm.
  • Are you marketing yourself effectively for the Saint Paul Art Crawl? One of our volunteers has come up with a remarkable list of ways to draw visitors to your work during the Art Crawl weekend. download icon Download Marketing Tips, follow the suggestions, increase your sales!
  • Guest Artist Support. We will help you find a building to show in, but you must have your location established prior to submitting your registration. Go to the Guest Artist Support page for more information on exhibiting as a Guest Artist.

Artist Scholarship!

Financial Assistance! A limited number of registration scholarships were available for the Spring 2018 Art Crawl. Scholarships include registration with an image and the associated benefits!

warning icon SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 14, 2018.

Contact the Co-Director at [email protected]

Events and Performance Art at the Saint Paul Art Crawl.

Confirmed events will be included in the events section of the catalog, in the online directory, and by social media and advertising. Submit your event for the Spring Art Crawl Event Submission.

warning EVENT REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 25, 2018.

Contact the Art Crawl Director at [email protected].

Poster & Media Competition

Spring 2017 Saint Paul Art Crawl Poster

warningIf you register as an “Individual Artist Registration Package” by January 21, you are automatically entered into the Art Crawl Poster and Media Competition. The winning images will be featured in the NEW Art Crawl Guide featuring locations and events, as well as in a two–page spread in the print catalog. They will also appear in the digital version of the catalog, online directory & gallery, press releases, and more.

If you are interested in participating in the Poster and Media Competition and require financial assistance, you are invited to complete a Scholarship Application. The scholarship application deadline is January 14, 2018.

The Jury Process

Each season the Saint Paul Art Crawl selects a panel of three Poster and Media Competition Jurors who come from a diverse artistic background and have significant knowledge and experience within the arts and community. Past jurors have included visual artists, performance artists, writers, art collectors, and others selected for their connection to the arts. These Jurors are provided artist submissions through a blind process allowing each to view the image without any information about the artist. The Jurors then select one Poster Winner and nine Media Winners based on judging criteria that includes such points as representing the diverse Saint Paul Art Crawl community of artists, artwork that has a high level of artistic merit, and artwork that creates a strong emotional/aesthetic reaction to the viewer. Having new Jurors each season as well as a strong, objective process allows the the overall tone of the selections to change from season to season, ultimately reflecting a wide array of artistic styles and mediums.

download icon Jurying Criteria

download icon Artist Competition Guidelines

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