Guest Artist Support

Twenty-seven years ago, the Saint Paul Art Crawl was formed to make the Twin Cities aware of the Lowertown resident artists and provide a format to sell art. Since then, as the Art Crawl evolved to include artists throughout St. Paul, increasing numbers of artists who were not Lowertown residents participated in the bi–annual art crawls.

Today, there are artist communities throughout St. Paul, and only half of the Art Crawl participants are Lowertown residents. This came about after the organization encouraged resident artists to open their studios and studio-homes. In addition, non–resident guest artists are invited to show their work in a number of buildings’ common areas.

Guest Artist - Union Depot

Union Depot – Photo credit Patrick Clancy

How to Become a Guest Artist   

A guest artist is someone who does not have a permanent connection with one of the host buildings participating in the Art Crawl. To put it simply, if you are not a “Resident Artist” you are a “Guest Artist.”

Certain art crawl buildings and venues accept guest artists; others do not. To receive a list of buildings and businesses that welcome guest artists (including terms of agreement), contact [email protected].

It would be to your advantage to visit the site ahead of time to see if it meets your needs.

Below are examples of differing policies and expectations of host buildings.

Some host buildings have a jury system in place to avoid having too many similar media in one venue, while others have policy to allow any artist to exhibit.

Some buildings set up a marketplace or art fair environment in which several dozen artists show and sell their work; other buildings designate hall space for their guest artists.

In addition, several businesses, such as restaurants and shops, host guest artists and often promote a featured artist for the Crawl weekend.

Some buildings provide free space; others charge booth fees.

Some require waivers; others do not. Some buildings require that artists carry personal insurance in case of loss or damage; others do not.

Occasionally a venue will have an artist reception separate from the Art Crawl and require additional time and interaction of the artist. What is expected from artists ranges from simply setting up at booth and selling art to participating in the building’s marketing and/or greeting visitors to a building.

Fees for guest spaces vary from venue to venue.

It is up to guest artists to secure their exhibit space, and it must be secured prior to registration.

Yes, guest artists must secure their exhibit space before they register! It is important to take this seriously, because guest artists who do not secure their exhibit space before registering are not guaranteed a space at their selected location. Furthermore, registration refunds are not allowed in cases where the artist is unable to exhibit in their selected location due to not securing the space prior to registration.

While it is the guest artist’s responsibility to find exhibit placement, the Artist Support Liaison is here to help. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. [email protected]

Information for first–time exhibitors and reminders for returning artists.

  • Guest Artists MUST REGISTER with the Art Crawl.
  • Art must be original work.

    In other words, all work is designed and executed by the exhibiting artist. Work by a production studio is not acceptable.
    Artist guarantees that the description of the work is accurate.

    (Persons wishing to re–sell items made by others need to register as a Business.)

  • Art must be FAMILY FRIENDLY. It may be possible to have an “adults-only” section of your exhibit, but ONLY with an explicit agreement between the venue host and artist.
  • Artists must stay with the exhibit or have a trusted representative stay with the exhibit.
  • Venue hosts do NOT sell work on behalf of an artist, unless an explicit agreement has been reached between the venue host and the artist.
  • Artist must be capable of making sales in Minnesota, have a MN Sales and Use Permit, and collect and pay sales tax.

Before agreeing to exhibit with a venue, check with the venue host on these items:

  • Square footage expected for individual exhibits. Booth space varies substantially from venue to venue and within individual venues.
  • If you show FINE ART, ask to be placed with others who show FINE ART; similarly, if your work is described as CRAFT, ask to be placed with other CRAFTERS.
  • Ask about damage waivers and ⁄ or booth fees.
  • Some venues allow artists to hang art on existing walls; others require that artist bring in portable walls and charge fees if walls are damaged. Be sure to clarify these points ahead of time.
  • Access to electricity varies. If your booth requires special lighting, ask about outlet access. Bring your own POWER–STRIP and extension cords AND be prepared to share the outlet access.

To complete your registration go to Individual Artist.