The Saint Paul Art Crawl Needs You (Yes, You!)

The Saint Paul Art Crawl has become so successful that it’s starting to outgrow the capacity of our current volunteer force. In order to keep bringing this important event to Saint Paul, we need to expand our pool of volunteers and we’d like you to be one of them!

Tilsner Greeters - Photo credit Isaac Fromm

Tilsner Greeters – Photo credit Isaac Fromm

Whatever your skills or areas of interest, we have a job for you! From door greeters to web developers, our volunteers do it all. Some of the important roles we need to keep staffed include door greeters, data entry, design and fabrication, IT support, accounting, public relations, event planning, sales, marketing, photography, videography, social media, writing — it’s all part of what makes the Saint Paul Art Crawl happen!

We’re looking for fresh faces with new ideas and lots of energy: apprentices to learn the ropes from our seasoned veteran volunteers, as well as people willing to step into leadership roles. In particular, we’re asking all artists who benefit from the Crawl to give a little something back.

Of course, you needn’t be an artist to volunteer. Whether you simply have an interest in the arts, or are looking for some great experience to put on your resume, volunteering for the Art Crawl has wonderful benefits. The Art Crawl volunteer network is a welcoming community of amazing individuals eager to teach and inspire. Please consider claiming your piece of the Art Crawl in 2017 by becoming a volunteer!

Complete the volunteer interest form here.

If you prefer to email us to discuss your interests, the email address is [email protected]