Artist Richard Abraham - Photo credits Isaac Fromm

Artist Richard Abraham – Photo credits Isaac Fromm

Welcome to the Late Registration for Individual Artists

Registration for the Spring 2017 Art Crawl opened January 2, 2017

If you are an individual artist showing in your own studio, this is the registration level for you.

If you are an individual artist who is not showing in your own studio you may participate as a Guest Artist. Guest artists are assigned space at a pre–approved building or other venue. Information about becoming a guest artist can be found at Guest Artist Support.

If you need further help after reviewing the Guest Artist Support information, please contact the Artist Support Liaison. artists must arrange for a space prior to registration.


Art must be original work.

In other words, all work is designed and executed by the exhibiting artist. Work by a production studio is not acceptable.
Artist guarantees that the description of the work is accurate.

(Persons wishing to “re–sell items made by others need to register as a “Business“).

Please note that ONLY ONE PERSON may register as an individual, unless the entire body of work is a collaborative effort between two or more people (as in performance art, two or more people painting on the same canvas, digital artwork completed by more than one artist, etc.)

Individual Artist Registration Package
(online directory listing & image): — $75.

  • Listing in the Online Directory including your name, location, contact information, website URL and a 46–character description of your work.
  • A color image of your work, to be included in the online directory.

Individual Artist Registration
(catalog and online directory listing only): — $55.

  • Listing in the Online Directory including your name, location, contact information, website URL and a 46–character description of your work.

Registration Checklist:


  • Your Contact Info — Required (for staff use only). Your name, email address and phone number.
  • Name. Your online directory name, as you would like it to appear in the online directory.
  • Online Directory Listing Info. Your email address (optional), phone number (optional), website URL (optional) as you would like them to appear in the online directory. A description of your work, not to exceed 46 characters.
  • Building. The name of the building where you will be showing or the address of the studio ⁄ gallery ⁄ business or nonprofit in which you will be showing.Information on spaces available for guest artists to show are supplied by the Artist Support Liaison for each Art Crawl.
  • Location. The studio number or general description of your location in that building (eg: Studio 516, or 4th Floor). If you are not showing in a participating building, you will need the address of your home studio ⁄ gallery ⁄ business or nonprofit.
  • Optional — Individual Artist Package (includes a color image for the online directory) $75. If you plan to select this option, please correctly format and label your image before you submit your registration. In order to have your image included in the online directory, you must submit the image during your registration process!
    Refunds will not be given for images not correctly submitted.
  • Payment. The entire registration fee will be paid in a single transaction, including the fee for an image. Billing address is required as noted above, this information will be used by staff only. The St. Paul Art Collective accepts all major credit cards and automatic bank transfer via PayPal. Learn more about “PayPal,” our secure payment gateway.
  • IMPORTANT! Paying for someone else. If you are paying the registration of anyone other than yourself or paying using a different name than you submitted for your registration please enter the name of the artist you are paying for on the final PayPal checkout page and email registration with the registration details. It’s better to over–explain than to allow any ambiguity about who is paying for whom.


If you have a question about registration, contact us at