Become A Sponsor

Art Crawl Sponsorships offer the opportunity to publicly express your investment in the greater cultural life of St. Paul. Sponsorships are the optimal choice for those who would like to market to attendees, participants and the Saint Paul Art Crawl social media network.

Now in it’s 26th year, the Saint Paul Art Crawl is a nationally recognized event that is firmly established on the Twin Cities’ cultural calendar. Over the years, the Art Crawl has become much more than an open–house–style art exhibit. It now features special performances and events, spontaneous gatherings in studios and local eateries. On average, 30 venues open for the Art Crawl including art cooperatives, buildings with art studios, galleries, and community businesses. With over 400 artists participating it is one of the largest and most loved open arts events in Minnesota, and it is completely free to visitors. Participating venues counted nearly 40,000 visits to their spaces.

Union Depot - Photo credit Patrick Clancy

Union Depot – Photo credit Patrick Clancy

  • $10,000 Art Crawl Sponsor(St. Paul Federal Credit Union – 2017)
  • $5,000 Catalog Sponsor(Dark Horse Bar & Eatery – 2017)
  • $2,500 Art Crawl Benefactor(limited availability)
  • $1,400 District Spotlight Sponsor — “Medici”(limited availability)
  • $950 District Spotlight Sponsor — “Rockefeller”(limited availability)

View the Sponsorship Benefits in the 2017 Media Kit.

Artist Scholarship $65.00

The Scholarship Sponsor is for the patron who believes in supporting individual artists directly. Artists scholarships provide for one complete registration with an image in the catalog; scholarship artists will also have a chance to be featured in the “District Spotlight“ section in the Art Crawl. They agree to work 6 hours on crawl-related tasks assigned by the Art Crawl Director.

District Sponsorship

An exciting addition to the Art Crawl Catalog is the District Spotlight Photo Gallery! This section features a coffee table book layout with full–page art images. The images are grouped by “district” to correspond to the eight geographic districts on the Saint Paul Art Crawl Map.

As a “District Spotlight Patron” your name and logo will appear on each page that you sponsor, and you will have the opportunity to select the art images that will be featured on your pages! If you would like assistance with the curating process, we will pair you with an art advisor from the Saint Paul Art community.

  • Section featuring a coffee table book layout with large art images.
  • Two types of page layouts: 1 image or 4 images
  • The section will be divided into “Districts” to mirror the geographic art crawl districts.
  • All registered artists who pay for an image in the catalog will have a chance to be featured in the “District Spotlight“ section.

Art Crawl Sponsorships are limited. For information about how to become a crawl sponsor, contact the Saint Paul Art Crawl.