Welcome to the Late Registration Offer for a gallery or a business!

AZ Gallery - Photo credit Isaac Fromm

AZ Gallery – Photo credit Isaac Fromm

Registration for the Fall 2017 Art Crawl opened July 3, 2017

If you are a for–profit gallery or a business hosting registered artists, this is the category for you.


Please read the instructions below carefully.

If you aren’t sure whether the Gallery ⁄ Business category is right for you, please go back to the Registration Categories & Benefits page and read through the descriptions and benefits. Once you’re certain that you want to register as a Gallery or a Business, follow the guidelines below to get started.

Gallery ⁄ Business — $170.

For a Gallery or a Business hosting registered artists or showing a gallery collection.
  • Listing in the Online Directory including gallery or business name, location, contact info, website URL and a 200–character description of the exhibit and artist(s).
  • Recognition on the Crawl Sponsors Page of the catalog.
  • Option to add 1/3 page ad for $165.00 (a $350 value), a 1/2 page ad for $305.00 (a $550 value) or a full page ad for $555.00 (a $750 value). Deadline August 11, 2017.
  • Select and pay for an ad while completing the registration form.
  • .

Contact Ad Sales. [email protected]

View ad sizes HERE

Registration checklist:


  • Your Contact Info — Required (for staff use only).
    Your organization’s main contact email address, phone number, and the name of your Art Crawl Point–Person.
  • Gallery ⁄ Business Name. Your organization’s name as you would like it to appear in the online directory.
  • Gallery ⁄ Business Listing Info. Your organization’s email address, phone number, and website URL as you would like them to appear in the online directory. A description of either the organization, the exhibit or artists, not to exceed 200 characters.
  • Building. If your gallery or business is located in a building that participates in the Art Crawl, you will be asked for the building name.
  • Location. The studio number, suite number or general description of your location in that building (for example, Studio 516, or 4th Floor). If this does not apply to you, you will be asked for the address of your gallery or business.
  • Marketing. Add a 1/3 page ad for $165.00 (a $350 value), a 1/2 page ad for $305.00 (a $550 value) or a full page ad for $555.00 (a $750 value). Deadline August 11, 2017.
  • Payment. The St. Paul Art Collective accepts all major credit cards and automatic bank transfer via PayPal. Billing address is required as noted above, this information will be used by staff only. Learn more about “PayPal” our secure payment gateway.
  • IMPORTANT! Paying for someone else. If you are paying the registration of anyone other than yourself or paying using a different name than you submitted for your registration please enter the name of the artist you are paying for on the final PayPal checkout page and email registration with the registration details. It’s better to over–explain than to allow any ambiguity about who is paying for whom.


If you have a question about registration, contact us at [email protected]